WebSites like Fiverr, Best Fiverr Alternative 2017
If you’re new to the term micro jobs, and never heard about Fiverr, nor the many websites like Fiverr out there, dont be afraid, learn all about what Fiverr is, and how it work.

Why choose Fiverr alternatives ?

Fiverr has become really big, almost too big for their own good, with roughly 3 million gigs listed, It’s easy as a buyer to get a bad first impression when ordering your first gigs.

There are a lot of crummy and semi-inactive profiles, so often you’ll end up ordering and paying for a gig and not getting a response from the seller, resulting in you, waiting for days while your money is stuck in escrow! Not saying that, that cant happen on other sites, but when they’re released they will be stuck in your Fiverr account until you spend them.

There have been several other complaints about Fiverr around the web, espcially about their review system. If you have a bad experience with a seller who might not have delivered as promised, you might decide to give him a negative review. However if he choose to refund your money and you accept the refund, your negative review will be automatically removed.

Beside that there are multiple reasons for adding other websites to your outsourcing arsenal, which doesnt have to do with Fiverr’s flaws or shortcomings.

  • Combine the user base of several Fiverr Alternatives to reach more buyers, if your gig is very niche.
  • As a buyer, have a much larger variety of sellers and gigs available.
  • Some of the less trafficked sites often have lower response time on the good gigs.
  • Lower prices on some sites, on SEOClerks gigs start as low as $1.
  • Lower commision on sales, on some sites.

Many other websites like Fiverr, let sellers offer gigs all the way down to $1! whereas on Fiverr the lowest is of course, 5 bucks. A couple of the Fiverr clones are also directed toward specific markets, like SEOClerks if you need assistance with SEO and web development.

As a seller, Fiverr is a great place to start out, but eventually, some people choose to move away from the hefty 20% fee. Meaning you only get 4 of the $5, thats right, for every $1000 you make they suck up $200, further crippleling you, in your quest to make money online.

Best Fiverr Alternatives in 2017

Since there are literally hundreds of sites like Fiverr out there, I wont go through them all on here, but stick to those i have experience with, which is the most trafficked of them.

#1 – SEOClerks

SEOClerks - Best Website Like Fiverr
This is my favorite option when it comes to micro job sites and getting freelance work done for content marketing.

SEOClerks is without a boubt the best Fiverr alternative, as the name suggests its mostly aimed at people looking to have SEO work done, you can purchase backlinks, social network followers, linkwheels and pyramids and what not.

Be warned though, that when you buy SEO gigs, it might do you more harm than good, so be extremely nitpicky with those and if it sounds too good to be true, well..

I didn’t dare to try out any of the SEO gigs (I could consider doing it for a site I don’t care too much about though, I’ll make sure to let you know if I do) and fortunately it’s not the only category on there, you can have pretty much any kind of content for a website done and they have huge traffic so theres something for  everyone.

All in all, I think I rate this site “slightly dodgy” because every category i looked through, seemed full of rather shady jobs, like the business category which had gigs for cheating on your exams..

On the plus side though, you can buy gigs on SEOClerks for as low as $1 which is the lowest rate among Fiverr alternatives. They have different user levels like a lot of other sites like Fiverr has, at level 1 where you start you can offer gigs from $5-$125 and at later levels theres no maximum on the price.

They also have a “want to buy” and “want to trade” section, where you can ask to have specific gigs done.

Despite the dodgyness, though.. I still kinda like the site and will probably be checking it out a bit more, just be really picky with the gigs you order. If you’re into web development it’s definitely a site worth checking out.

They currently have an Alexa rank of 3,181 which is very good and the majority of their demographic come from india, while the second largest group is from the US.

Visit SEOClerks


#2 – Gigbucks

GigBucks - 2nd. Rated Fiverr Clone

Gigbucks is another micro jobs site, built on the FiverrScript that does’nt really do much to stand out from the crowd, but that may be about to change.

Gigbucks is very similar to FiverUp among others, mostly because they’re built on the same script, but also because not much have been done to differentiate from others.

The prices on gigs on the site is currently from $5-$50 and they take a 20% commission, nothing special about it. However on their blog, they posted their visions for “Gigbucks 2.0” which includes: lower fees, members rewards, fraud and spam elimination aswell as better messaging system and a couple other things you can read more about here.

All this may be due, as their traffic have been dropping somewhat the last year or so. They still have a fair amount of traffic though and the script it’s built on is functional enough to run a Fiverr clone just fine. Which makes the sites OK as an alternative to Fiverr and with the upcoming changes announced, things might be looking up and its definitely a site worth considering.

The site is very popular in India, Bulgaria and in the US and is currently ranked 13.130 on Alexa.

Visit GigBucks


#4 – Fourerr

Fourerr - Third Rated Fiverr Alternative

Getting just about anything done for 5 bucks, most would say is a pretty sweet deal. Well imagine if you could get the same deal 20 % cheaper, how does that sound?

Fourer prides themself in being a Fiverr alternative who’s a buck cheaper than Fiverr, on the cost of their lowest priced gigs.

And as you can tell by the spelling of their name, they’re definitely not trying to hide the fact, that they’re a Fiverr clone (but cheaper!)

The design of the site is quite nice looking, easy to maneuver and reacts and loads very fast, it’s very comfortable to browse around and everything you could need like ratings and sharing buttons are very easily accessible.

As you progress on the site as a buyer/seller you earn “badges” which is sort of their form of user levels. You can get an overview of the badges and how they’re earned here.

Payment and withdrawal is through Paypal only which is ok really, since Paypal let you pay directly with creditcard anyway.

Fourer takes a 20% fee just like a lof of the other competitors does, and every gig is put up at $4, sellers can then add extra services to the gigs to reach a higher price.

Their Alexa rank is currently 37.509, so their traffic is decent and combined with the quality of the site and  the customer service, makes Fourer a pretty good option.

Similiar to several of their competitors, the majority of users comes from India (32.4%) and from the US (21.3%)

Visit Fourer


#5 – FiverUp

FiverUp - Very Similar To Fiverr
FiverUp looks and feels a lot like Fiverr and works in pretty much the same way, its built on the clone script FiverrScript, which also goes for a lot of the similiar websites out there. So it’s really mostly just traffic on the site and their variety of categories for gigs, that weighs your decision when choosing a different site.Another good Fiverr alternative right now is FiverUp, it’s one of the better substitutes available at the moment.

The interface is very similiar, but it works, so why not. The site runs decently fast and browsing it is rather painfree, as a bonus when browsing they have tags in their subcategories to help maneuver the website.

The price on gigs range from $4 to $100 which is very similiar to Fiverr, besides the 20% discount on the lowest priced gigs.

However FiverUp also offer some extra interesting features for sellers like a “bump” function, that lets them bump their gig to the top of the frontpage once per day. Furthermore they may put your gig on the on their blog.

Just like Fiverr, they takes a 20% commission from all gigs and You can buy gigs with Paypal or creditcard and withdraw money to Paypal.

They  currently rank 100,516 on  Alexa and a small majority of their demographic come from india, while the second largest group is from the US.

Visit FiverUp



TenBux is another, out of many websites like Fiverr, built on the famous Fiverr Script, so it’s much like FiverUp, Gigbucks among others.

Despite what the name might suggest, when you start out as a seller, gigs actually start at $5, the max price is $10 and they take a whopping 20% commision just like Fiverr does.

However they have a great loyality program, when you have completed 20 gigs with a positive rating of at least 90% you move up to level 2 and can offer gigs for $5, $10, $15 and $20 and the commision will drop to 15%. At level 3 the deal get even sweeter, the maximum price is now $200 and the commision will be 10% which is amongst the lowest of all Fiverr alternatives.

Payment is done with PayPal or with creditcard (through PayPal) and you can withdraw to PayPal and Payza.

They have the function to bump your gig on the front page aswell as a feed for buyers to request gigs. Plenty of opportuniy for sharing and promoting your gig, is available through a share bar from Addthis.

As with most other sites built on Fiverr Script, the site is nice, functional and fast.

Unfortunately none of this really matters (sorry if I wastsed your time!) because the site seems somewhat dead, first I ran into some dead links to an about page and their blog. And their social accounts havent had any activity the last 2 years.

Theres plenty of jobs listed, but it was very hard to find any with feedback on, and if they did have a comment or two, you cant know when they were last active, since there isnt any dates on the comments. It seems like the owners have pretty much given up on this site, or think that they can run it purely as a passive income.

Trafficwise they’re somewhere in between FiverUp and Tenrr, with an Alexa rank of 154,147. The majority of their users comes from the US and India.

Visit TenBux



After much thought and consideration, as well as trying and testing, I’ve decided to no longer include mercadillo5 on this list, and will also discourage use of the site completely.

Another option in the sea of sites for micro jobs is Mercadillo5. A Fiverr clone that’s not quite as popular as some of the other sites I reviewed, however they still deserve their spot here.Mercadillo5 is another site built on the popular FiverrScript, however they manage to stand out a bit from the others, by having updated the interface a bit, with some sliders on the top, where people can come with suggestions for gigs.

Actually most of the interface have gotten a bit of a makeover, giving it a much smoother look, and making it a lot more functional, compared to some of the other Fiverr alternatives. Also the site is available in English, French and Spanish.

Searching for gigs on the site is a breeze, with categories followed by tags and you can select with prices gigs to list and sort however you want.

If you want to share a gig, that you like, theres plenty of opportunity for that aswell. Gigs are supplied with sharebuttons from addthis, letting people share it across 300 different social networks.

Prices on gigs range from $5 – $100, however to offer extras at the higher rates, require you to obtain a higher user level, which function very similar to other sites. Mercadilo5 takes a 20% commision which seems to be the norm in the business. They also have an affiliate program, that pays 50% of the commission to the affiliate.

Overall I really like the site, though, on the downside it is a bit slow at times and for some reason crashes my Flash plugin. Also, several places on the site they advertise their amazing blog, but when you wan’t to visit it, the links point to nowhere.

Like most of the sites outside the top5 most trafficked ones, promotion of the site seem to have gone down and down, their many social profiles havent had any activity for almost a year, which is a bit of a shame as the site have/had some good potential.

As I mentioned it doesnt have huge traffic, they currently have an Alexa rank of  1.186.313, so theyre lacking behind a bit, but is a Fiverr clone worth checking out.

Visit Mercadillo5



Fiverr Despite a ton of good competitors, Fiverr is still the best for micro jobs online. Their massive traffic just gives them the largest variety of gigs among all of these sites. The site just functions as intended and delivers. Read the Fiverr Review

MyCheapJobs is a nice and active Fiverr Script site, it has quite high traffic and enjoys all the nice features, that this script has. Gigs range from $5 – $50 and they have a simple and fair job level scheme. This is definitely a site you’d wanna add to your list.

Tenrr Another Fiverr Script clone site, semi-abandoned by the owners a bit over ago, it seems. Has OK traffic but with no promotion on their social accounts it will probably drop.

Seomarts is a micro jobs site in category with SEOClerks, aimed mostly at SEO work like backlinks and Social signals/followers etc. It’s built on Fiverr Script but the design have been spiced up a bit, so it’s pretty smooth looking. Prices range from $1 – $100.


Woah, So which of of all these, Fiverr like sites, should I choose ?!

It depends a bit on what sort of gigs, you need done, for SEO, Fiverr and SEOClerks are very good. For article writing I like sites that have a large majority of American users, like FiverUp and Tenbux. Good graphic designers you can find on pretty much any of them.