Fiverr Review – Why You Should, and Why You Shouldn’t Use Fiverr

What is Fiverr ?

Fiverr ReviewThe best way to describe Fiverr. Would be as an online marketplace, for really really small jobs which people are willing to do, from $5 and up.

Usually referred to as gigs or micro jobs.

Only peoples imagination sets the boundaries, for what sort of gigs are offered today.

Some will draw you as a cartoon character and some will fix your css3 style sheets or do SEO work for you, while others will write your name on their butt and take a picture!

Fiverr was launched in 2010 and have since then grown to have have over 3.000.000 gigs listed. There’s no doubt it has become hugely successful.

Which is the main reason tons of Fiverr alternatives have appeared during the last couple of years.

Another reason is that it’s fairly easy to set such a site up using a script like FiverrScript which can be obtained for $99, several good Fiverr alternatives are built on this script, like FiverUp and Gigbucks. It can also be set up with something as “simple” as a WordPress theme, called Pricerr.

How does Fiverr work ?

WebSites like Fiverr, Best Fiverr Alternative 2017It works pretty much like any other ecommerce site

  1. Goto, hit sign up and fill in the few details needed to create your account, confirm your e-mail.
  2. Use the search field, or hit the categories to find what you want. Click order.
  3. Supply seller with a few details on the gig and pay with Paypal
  4. Sit and wait.

The money are the kept in escrow, until you have received what you ordered. That’s pretty much all there is to it as a buyer, and most of their alternatives function in the same way aswell, with very similar interface.


A Fiverr review is probably in it’s place, since they are the mother of selling micro jobs online. I reviewed most of their best competitors, so they must have earned their place here too.

Although I recommend trying out a lot of the other options in my reviews, Fiverr is still my absolute favourite goto, when looking to have online micro jobs done.

And the reason is, they have HUGE traffic, simple as that. Currently being 127 on Alexa and having approximately 3 million gigs listed, there is practically nothing you cant get done there, when it comes to online content.

The cheapest gig there, is only going to set you back 5 bucks. In return people will do pretty much anything, SEO work, make backlinks or blog posts, make a youtube video for you, or an infographics and pretty much anything else you can think of.

They take a 20% commission on sales, which is the same as a lot of other websites like Fiverr, most are very similiar on price range aswell.

The interface is nice and functional, the site is very fast and its super easy to maneuver around and find just what you’re looking for. Like and share buttons are easily accessible and the messaging system works well too.

Due to their high traffic, a lot of sellers have tons of reviews, so you can get a good impression right away, wether its a good or bad seller.

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