How to make money on Fiverr ? Get Freelance Advice from Pros

Get Freelancing Advice from the Pros, if you wan’t to make money on fiver,

Ask Fiverr’s Katie aka kymmypops who surpassed 10k gigs done and $100K in profits!


How to Make Money on Fiverr

Katie is a model, presenter, voice over artist and quite the salesperson, showing everyone how to make money on Fiverr or Fiverr Alternatives.

She was introduced to the site a bit over 2 years ago by a friend, after she had complained about her job. She took the somewhat drastic step of quitting her job to become a fulltime Fiverr pro and things quickly took off.

When I started, it was a huge risk for me to quit my job and rely on Fiverr for an income. At first, I must have been earning only $20 a week, so I had to rely on savings for about a month. But sales soon picked up and money started coming in.

She is now a full time “Fiverr entrepeneur” with her gigs as her main income.

I’m sure she’ll be an inspiration to a lot of microjobbers, since this is exactly what most people dream of when they start out their business there or on similiar sites like Fiverr. I bet a lot of you do aswell.. online microjobs have become a clever way of creating online jobs, where there would otherwise be a shortage like for college students or even as stay at home mom jobs, to start out as an entrepeneur.

In the article on Fiverr she goes on to give a bunch of great advice for people starting out in the business.

I use social media to promote my business and stay in touch with my customers online. I think it’s important they see you on a personal level so you can build trust and gain a better business relationship. They’re also more likely to remember you, recommend you and come back to you when they need more work. I also promote my Gigs offline to local businesses, friends and family. Word of mouth is an amazing and affordable way for you to promote yourself.

So if you want some more tips on how to make money on Fiverr and boost the popularity of your gigs, go check out the full article on their blog. Or if you’re interested in Katies  gigs, visit her profile here.

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